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Broken Rice

100% Broken Rice can be availed in big quantities by our customers. Apart from that we can provide with different proportion of broken into rice. Like 5% Broken, 10% Broken, 25% Broken and so on.

Size Available

100% Broken, 25% Broken, 10% Broken, 5% Broken

Raw Material Used 



Broken Rice is used in making Khichdi, Alcoholic Beverages, kheer, etc 

Brief About Product

Our white broken rice is safe for consumption as it is highly unadulterated. We offer best quality broken rice made of quality rice. Also, in our processing we make sure to retain all nutritional and natural properties of the grain. And we also make sure that all the processing is done in hygienic manner.  

Industries Where this Product is used

Household, Caterers, hotels and restaurants, Alcohol Industries, etc. 

Packaging Available

50kg, 25kg, 10kg, 5kg