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HAREES - Hulled Wheat

Raw Material Used 

Hard (Durum) Wheat

Special Features

Although a high-calorie dish, Haleem is full of nutrition as the whole wheat form an excellent source of fiber and protein.


Wheat Hulled is used in preparing dish called “Haleem” or “Khichra”. It is a spicy dish mainly prepared by Muslims during Ramzan Month and other festivals.

Brief About Product

It is a special dish prepared throughout the world during the Ramzaan and Moharram months of Muslim calendar. The dish is very popular in India and Pakistan and is served in several other countries in the Middle East. We polish the hard wheat making sure to retain the nutritional values of the wheat. We make sure that there is sufficient supply during Muslim festival to help our Muslims clients relish their favorite dish.    

Industry Where This Product is Used

Households, hotels and restaurants, caterers, etc.

Packaging Available

50kg, 25kg