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Wheat Daliya (Cracked Wheat/Bulgur)

Raw Material Used

Hard (Durum) Wheat


Dalia is a sweet dish used all over India known as “Lapsi”. Dalia is also used to make spicy khichdi which is very nutritious for health. One can also make salad using vegetables and boiled Dalia which is again very good for health. 

Special Features

High in nutritional value. Dalia is an ideal food for diabetics, people wanting to lose weight or those who have high cholesterol levels. It has high fiber content, which not only helps in keeping the digestive system healthy but also keeps the hunger at bay for a longer time.

Brief About Product

It is made of Hard Indian Wheat (also known as Malvashakti or Malavraj Wheat) which is best for making Dalia. Dalia is having high nutrition value and it is processed under constant supervision of our production managers to maintain its nutritional values. As it is used as sweet in many auspicious festivals we believe in giving the best quality to our dear customers so that they can relish our Dalia in happy moments with their family.

Industry Where Daliya Wheat is Used

Catering, hotels and restaurants, Government’s mid-day meal program, temple, etc.

Packaging Available

50kg, 25kg, 500gm