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Wheat Semolina (Fine)

Raw Material Used 

Hard (Durum) Wheat


Basic raw material for pasta manufacturing, halwa, upma, ladoo, etc.

Special Features

Wheat semolina not only provide you with the nutritional benefits of other whole grains, but may also protect your immune system and add a rich source of protein to your diet. It provides a rich source of dietary nutrients, including fiber, B vitamins, iron and magnesium.

Brief About Product

Wheat semolina is one of our main products. It is processed under totally hygienic conditions to take care of its nutritional values. Sooji halwa with hot milk can cure flu and sour throat. Also it is the raw material for pasta manufacturing which is now very famous all over the world.  

Industry Where Semolina Wheat is Used

Pasta manufacturing, household, hotels and restaurants, caterers, etc. 

Packaging Available

50kg, 25kg, 500gm